About Us

Budget Friendly

We're a small business ourselves, so we understand the importance of careful budgeting. We will work closely with you to establish custom payment options that best suit your needs.

Fabric Minded

Our team’s philosophy is to start with fabric and work towards the idea while keeping the fabric front and center. This is why we have a dedicated fabric library at our head office and an exclusive network of fabric suppliers with access to sustainable and technical materials.

Quality Oriented

As professional designers we obsess about the smallest details, catch up on the latest trends and attend industry workshops to ensure our skills are always up to par for any project large or small.

Production Network

We have an ongoing partnership with a production placement agency in Taiwan who work tirelessly with our team to ensure the very best factories are involved with the brands we work with.

Small Team with Big Connections

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Our team has been carefully chosen to fill each role in the brand building cycle. This means our talent pool includes everyone from apparel designer to developers and even production placement agents. Additionally, we collaborate with specialty designers, fabric experts, pattern makers, and sample sewers. It’s because of this diversity that we are able to offer our unique turnkey process.

Cara Sumpton Lead designer

Cara Sumpton

Lead designer

Andrew Drigola Operations Director

Andrew Drigola

Operations Director

Natalie Martz

Sarah Solseng Developer

Christy Caza

Accessory Designer

Sarah Solseng


Christy Caza Accessory designer

Christy Caza

Accessory Designer