FAQ & Terms

What other services do you guys offer?

We currently offer the following services, to be accessed via a Project/Retainer or Individual section as needed:

  • Design Consulting & Trend Reports
  • Look book preparation
  • Design Conceptualizing
  • Color story & coloring
  • CAD Designs
  • Fabric, Trims & Material Sourcing
  • Proprietary Fabric Development
  • Pattern making
  • Techpack creation
  • Bill of Materials, Spec Sheets, Production Sheets
  • Grading and Sizing Charts
  • Sampling with factory & sample rooms
  • Sampling fittings
  • Sample revision comments
  • Production Placement
  • Production Management
  • Start to finish brand building

Why hire us?

I. We make your pipeline more efficient and easier to manage – with our team consisting of every piece of the design/development pie, Apparelmark team is build around the idea of taking a concept from design to fabric to development to sampling to a production process all under one functioning umbrella.

II. Minimum handholding, time is money – with our team handling the entire product process we allow our clients to focus on what they do best, running the back end of the company, generating sales, growing their brand and trusting us to be their work engine!

III. Innovation is the name of the game – as an ambitious, young but experienced team we look for ways to do things differently when it comes to executing on our clients needs. We actively pursue and partake in actions like 3D avatar pattern making, experimenting with organic yarns, proprietary fabric development, performance claim testing, & researching the most up to date design principles to offer the most modern approach to fashion brand building available on the planet.

IV. Built on proven success stories – over the years Apparelmark has partnered and worked with multinational firms around the world, provided services to million-dollar + Kickstarter campaigns and have seen some of our clients reach 4560% growth in their sales from working with our team.

V. You get what you pay for – at Apparelmark we structured our service fees to reflect the ability, experience and the value-added proposition that our team brings to the table. Our team is well versed in the concepts of project management, budgeting and merchandising – as such all our project deliverables are based with careful consideration towards clients’ budgets, potential cost of goods, potential cost of fabric, and end goal retail pricing strategy.

How does your pricing work?

We offer 4 different tiers of services:

I. Project Based (Concept, Design, Color, Fabric, Development, Prototyping, Production Set Up).

II. Monthly Retainer (Multi-style, Flexible Scope, Variable Needs).

III. Individual Components (Design Work, Techpack Work, Fabric Work, Development Work, Labels Work, Trend Books).

IV. Production Support (Vendor enrollment, P.O. placement facilitation, price negotiation, quality control, logistics/shipping support).

We offer customizable quotes on all requests, variable payment terms, a selection of payment method options & volume discounts on multi-style projects. For more pricing info, checkout our Services & Pricing page.

What are our core values?

I. We aim for and hold our selves accountable to a 5 star service approach: from the moment a client enters our office they feel welcomed, valued, and supported, enough to become a loyal lifelong customer, and a believer in the impossible!

II. We have adopted the Do It Now approach, taken directly out of the successes of the Lululemon guide book – no task goes dormant or request laid to waste through inaction, our team understands the urgency behind the fashion industry processes and has adapted a “don’t put this off” attitude that helps projects stay on track.

III. We adhere to the concept of thriving in change, we feel that disruption of the status quo brings forth innovation and forward thinking. Our firm was built on discovery of new ideas, new approaches, innovative materials and unique processes that set us apart from the competition and keeps us moving forward.

IV. We know our strengths and do not pretend to be anything but what we know. Our responsibilities lie within the product trend, design, development and production support processes realm from which we do not deviate. We will never take on a task or offer expertise in a field we are not familiar with or have no strong support in, thus assuring our clients that our time will be 100% committed to the areas of our deliverables.

We offer customizable quotes on all requests, variable payment terms, a selection of payment method options & volume discounts on multi-style projects.

You are based in Vancouver, Canada – do you work with clients outside of your local area?

Yes. Our international clients make up about 80% of our current operations. Our business model is designed to incorporate remote client services which include the use of Zoom, Skype, Email, FedEx Couriers, Onsite visits, as well as meet and greets. All the work we execute for our clients can be demonstrated through digital means or mail courier which means we can operate independently of their physical location.

I am ready to start, where do I sign up?

Please fill out the form on our contact page to get started, or please email us with at [email protected]. You can also drop us a line at 1-778-838-8409.