Do you guys only do design work?

We are a full “turnkey” strategy firm that specializes in taking any idea and going through each step from design to development to production in order to bring it to market.

What other services do you guys offer?

We currently offer the following services, to be accessed via a Project/Retainer or Individual section as needed:

  • Design Consulting & Trend Reports
  • Look book preparation
  • Design Conceptualizing
  • Color story & coloring
  • CAD Designs
  • Fabric, Trims & Material Sourcing
  • Proprietary Fabric Development
  • Pattern making
  • Techpack creation
  • Bill of Materials, Spec Sheets, Production Sheets
  • Grading and Sizing Charts
  • Sampling with factory & sample rooms
  • Sampling fittings
  • Sample revision comments
  • Production Placement
  • Production Management
  • Start to finish brand building

Your team seems awesome, but are you really expensive?

No. We specifically designed our business model to accommodate clients of all sizes, including anything from an independent startup, to a multi-national brand looking to outsource their seasonal collections. Our team has the resources and the tools necessary to get the job done on time and on budget. (See our fee structure for more information on pricing.)

How long does a typical project take to complete start to finish?

Our projects are broken down into segments: Design, Fabric Sourcing, Development, Production

Design – 4-6 weeks
(Includes brand review, trend research, concepts, cad, finalized design)

Fabric Sourcing – 3-6 weeks
(Includes 2 rounds of fabric sourcing, header acquisition, client review, final fabric selection)

Development – 8-12 weeks
(Includes techpacking, grading, pattern work, sampling, fittings, revisions)

Production – 10-12 weeks
(Includes vendor enrollment, vendor set up, P.O. creation, quality review, size runs, delivery set up)

Do you only design and develop apparel or can you do accessories?

Our team has the capability to design and produce any type of wearable product you can imagine. This includes anything from bags, to clip-ons, to hats, and even specialty sportswear. If you can dream it, we can make it.

Does your team have inhouse sewers, if not where do you sample the protos?

For the development phase of each project we work with the client directly to place them into one of our many sample room partners. We would identify the client’s specific needs and recommend the most appropriate sample room to execute their development. We can execute any MOQ from 10 pieces all the way through to 10,000+.

You are based in Vancouver, Canada – do you work with clients outside of your local area?

Yes. Our international clients make up about 80% of our current operations. Our business model is designed to incorporate remote client services which include the use of Zoom, Skype, Email, Fedex Couriers, Onsite visits, as well as meet and greets. All the work we execute for our clients can be demonstrated through digital means or mail courier which means we can operate independently of their physical location.

What steps do you take to be sustainability conscious and environmentally friendly?

At Apparelmark we constantly seek out new opportunities to reduce environmental damage from the heavily wasteful apparel industry. Whether it be seeking out organic yarn, working with credible environmentally safe factories, or taking on clients with a clear sustainable message in mind are some of the ways we make a difference towards improving our planet!

What forms of payment do you guys accept?

We take credit cards, paypal, cheques, cash, e-transfer, wire payment or direct deposits.

I am ready to start, where do I sign up?

Please fill out the form on our contact page to get started, or please email us with at [email protected] or call us at 1-778-838-8409.