Apparelmark's design and development skills especially shine in the athleisure & technical apparel industry

Athleisure & Technical Apparel

Our extensive background in apparel development has led us to work with some of the biggest players in the athleisure and technical apparel space, ranging from micro start-ups to multi-national apparel brands such as Lululemon.  Our team lives in the details and truly understands how to make each brand uniquely successful.  Pulling from our extensive technical fabric library, we spend the time to source and develop the best-suited fabrics for each piece that will perfectly balance performance and comfort.

Our skills truly shine when we are tasked with translating our technical knowledge into garments for focused industry-use, such as medical or workwear.  Working for the big players in these segments has forced us to explore deeper into what it means to have garments that function for all forms of the extreme.

Functional, well-designed athleisure, by the Apparelmark dream team
Comfortable athleisure clothing, designed by Apparelmark
FIGS technical apparel, designed by Apparelmark
Well-designed technical apparel, part of the Apparelmark portfolio
Apparelmark-designed medical apparel

How We Did It

We start by sourcing, developing and refining the fabric until we find the perfect match for your garment. We then work with you to outline a line plan that can bring your brand to life. We obsess over the details and fit to make sure that every piece moves and functions as intended. We outline all details to the factory in immaculately crafted Techpacks, and provide the support and coordination needed to bring your vision to life throughout the development and production phase.

Lululemon logo, a past client of Apparelmark
Apparelmark client ARC'TERYX
Client Public Rec
High performance outdoor clothing with innovative design and attention to detail

Outdoor Tech & Outerwear

Residing in the Pacific Northwest provides many opportunities to be experts in this category. We experience rain, cold, snow, and sun, sometimes all in one day, so we fully understand the necessary properties required to make the best functioning outdoor gear. Our proximity to the mountains provides the perfect testing ground for snowboarding/ski and hiking apparel and offers daily inspiration for our designs.

Innovative outdoor apparel, designed by Apparelmark
Outdoor weather-resistant clothing designed in Vancouver
Innovative outdoor rain gear for women, designed in Vancouver BC
High quality outdoor technical apparel
Quality outerwear designed & developed by Apparelmark

How We Did It

Carrying over our extensive experience in yoga and athletics, we dial in our team’s expertise for the specific sport. We choose fabrics with performance attributes designed for gameplay and strive to blend innovation and style. In the design stage, we focus on versatile pieces for maximum use and push our creativity levels to develop unique details that are useful and recognizable for the brand and can extend through the years. We then work with the factory to ensure every detail is perfectly executed and delivered as intended.

Hikerkind logo
Apparelmark client ARC'TERYX
Client Public Rec
Alder logo
Wildhorn logo
Technical Golf & Racket jacket, designed in Vancouver by Apparelmark

Technical Tailoring Golf & Racket

The rise of club sports over the past couple of years has granted us the opportunity to expand and refine our technical knowledge into the specific category of Golf, Tennis, Pickelball and other racket sports. We love the nostalgic and refined vibe of these sports, which allows our team to inject creative spirit into every garment in this space. Focusing on range of motion, fabric with technical performance properties, quirky details, and styles that perform on-and-off the course/court, are what have proven to be successful for our clients.

How We Did It

We carefully curate fabrics and trims that are designed for the extreme. We dive deep into fabric construction and finishes to ensure we start with a suitable base for a lasting and fully functioning garment.

Fit, ease of movement, and functionality are key to designs in this category, where we pull from our 15+ years of living and breathing in this space. We also make sure to give the proper care and attention to all of the details that make the garment safe and functional for the wearer while guiding the factory to execute these details accurately in the development process.

Quality womens swimwear

Swimwear, Seamless & Close-to-skin

Producing swimwear and next-to-skin garments can be challenging without proper knowledge and experience. Our team pulls from years of designing the most supportive and best-fitting yoga wear in the industry and translates the latest trends and technologies into the most impeccably fitting garments.

We are able to establish successful brands in this space by ensuring the most comfortable second-skin fit and feel. We make sure to not compromise support, functionality, and style, and use our experience in plus-size grading to ensure brands can be inclusive to all.

How we did it

We search for innovative construction techniques and fabrics to support each brand’s vision and then obsess over the fit and how this can be supported in the design.

We dive deep into construction details, grading, and sizing to customize fit to the brand’s target audience and work with the factory to ensure it is executed accurately.

Kit and Ace Logo
Frekl Swimwear Logo
Pavoi swimwear logo
Logo for Beyond Bathing Swimwear

Maternity & Childrenswear

In the dynamic world of fashion, every stage of life deserves special attention, and at Apparelmark we are dedicated to making those moments extraordinary. We bring a unique fusion of technical garment expertise to the realms of maternity and children’s wear, redefining how comfort, style, and safety can seamlessly coexist.

Our agency boasts a strong technical background in creating garments that go beyond conventional fashion, and create a fresh perspective on maternity and children’s wear. We address the specific needs of these unique stages of life, leveraging innovation and creativity to craft apparel that ensures both parents and children experience fashion excellence.

Boys clothing in Apparelmark's fashion portfolio
Maternity wear from Apparelmark's fashion design portfolio
Children's clothing, designed by Apparelmark

How we did it

We start by, understanding our clients’ needs and preferences while drawing inspiration from the latest trends, in neighbouring industries, as well as cultural influences. Our talented designers bring concepts to life through sketches and digital renderings, infusing them with technical expertise to ensure functionality and safety.

We meticulously select high-quality, safe, and comfortable fabrics for our maternity and children’s garments and work with skilled vendors to perfect every detail of the design. Our childrenswear-specific manufacturers ensure precision and care in crafting each piece that must meet the highest safety and quality standards.

Accessories from bags to socks to belts to pet care


We boast a wealth of technical knowledge when it comes to creating accessories. From bags to socks to belts to pet care, we apply our expertise in technical garment construction to ensure that every piece is visually appealing and highly functional. Our agency is a testament to the powerful blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation, resulting in accessories that seamlessly marry style, functionality, and wellness.

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