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Meet Cara Sumpton

Our Lead Designer and co-founder of Apparelmark

Cara brings 15+ years of experience to the table with her involvement in Lululemon’s meteoric rise in the industry, contributing timeless designs which are still being sold to the market, leading their fast-turn team incorporating sustainability with speed-to-market initiatives. Aided by her Masters Degree in Apparel Sustainability Cara leads many of the core projects situated in the Apparelmark portfolio and continues to expand her skill set and talent across the board. Apparelmark portfolio and continues to expand her skill set and talent across the board.

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Meet Natalie Gilmore

Our Director of Design

Natalie has held Director level positions throughout her illustrious fashion career spanning more than 10 years, having worked at executive level positions at public firms like Lululemon while also partnering with private equity firms on independent project developments in her field. Natalie’s unique ability to utilize her design talents while executing under pressure of calendars and project deliverables have made her a favorite across our clients and team members alike!

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Meet Andrew Drigola

Our Director of Operations and co-founder of Apparelmark.

Andrew has 10+ years of experience in the business development, operations, logistics and customer acquisition field to go along his entrepreneurial spirit. The smooth machinist Andrew operates behind the scenes to ensure operational processes are running at highest efficiency when it comes to hitting the deadlines, executing the deliverables, overseeing the project management and communicating with our clients.

Our core team also includes 4 specialized apparel & designers, 2 developers, 3D pattern maker, 2 graphic artists and a dedicated production supply agency with office in USA & Taiwan.