Alder Apparel


We love a Canadian success story and Alder Apparel is one for the record books! We helped this Toronto based company launch their first product in 2019 – the Open Air Pants – which demolished their initial pledge Kickstarter goal of $10,000 raising nearly $300,000 backed by 1674 backers!

Sizes up to 4X

We like to identify with our client’s vision and Alder has succeed by putting people and planet first. The size range is extended to offer up to size 4X, which required extra development time to perfect. The results have been positive.

“The fit of these pants are amazing! They combine the comfort of a jogger with the flexibility of a legging. And the pockets?!? Never had so many of one pair of pants which is amazing! Comfort-check. Flexibility-check. Functionality-check check plus! You can wear these while bringing Netflix or hiking!” – Angelica

Sustainability was a part of the story behind the Alder brand creation and we stand behind incorporating environmentally aware practices into our design creations. We use recycled yarns, work with certified mills and factories, and know our entire supply chain personally. We are now building more styles for them to continue the momentum into 2020.