Alder Apparel 2020


We are inspired by what our friends at Alder Apparel has been up to as they continue to break inclusivity barriers and introducing the “funtastic” world of hiking through fashion. For their latest adventure our team partnered with Alder to produce the “Take A Hike Short” which is launching in 2020!

Sizes up to 4X

Remaining true to the OPEN AIR PANT the sizing offering, Alder Apparel latest styles are being kept at up to 4X sizing – allowing for maximum inclusion of all women, sizes and body shapes.

“Alder Is Redefining Who Is ‘Outdoorsy.’ Plus Size Women Welcome.” –Virgie Tovar (Forbes Magazine)

If you are inspired by the Alder Apparel offerings you are in for a treat, as the brand announced several new key styles will be launching in 2021 so keep an eye out on our news page to see what exciting new developments are being plotted in our workshop next!