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This part of the website is dedicated to a preview of some of the things that the team at Apparelmark is currently working on. Showcased here are some of the items crossing our designer's desks featuring cool new technology used in the apparel industry.

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Seamless knits are perfect for athletic attire

A lack of seams means they can't rub against the skin

Seamless Developments

Seamless garments are created on circular knitting machines which means that the yarn is knitted directly into the garment, skipping the fabric stage altogether.

This method has minimal fabric waste and is more cost effective to produce.

As an example, mesh panels are knitted directly into the garment with no seams, making this design perfect for athletic apparel.

Sublimation Printing

How it works: Water-based ink is first printed on heat-resistant sublimation paper using large format inkjet printers. It's then transferred onto polyester textiles in a heat press machine at high temperatures.

With this new technology, we're able to print directly onto pre-cut fabric panels. As a result we can create a print that is engineered to the style, such as ombré printed leggings.

Sublimation printing technology is cutting edge
Sublimation prints look amazing


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