Offering medical practitioners quality attire with heavy emphasis on fit and function. Our team was up to the task for this challenging yet rewarding project.

Apparelmark partnered with FIGS, a leader in personalized technical & medical wear, to collaborate on a number of adaptive styles and functional designs for industry professionals. All FIGS clothing designed by Apparelmark are wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and four-way stretchable. Oh, and they're comfortable and look great, too!

Pilar Scrub Top

Antimicrobial scrub tops for medical professionals

The Pilar scrub top is moisture wicking
Wrinkle-resistant scrub top

The FIGS Mocha Scrub Jogger is wrinkle-resistant
The FIGS Mocha Jog Scrubber is stretchable

Mocha Scrub Jogger

The Mocha Scrub Jogger is liquid repellant

Rama Scrub Top

FIGS Rama Scrub Top

FIGS Rama Scrub Top

Taza Scrub Top

Apparelmark, Cara Sumpton, FIGS

FIGS Tangier Scrub Top

Tangier Scrub Top

FIGS Tangier Scrub Top

FIGS Tangier Scrub Top

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