The team at Imalac already had a working concept when they came to Apparelmark, and we were tasked to bring the development sample into bulk production for delivery in 2020.

We were impressed with their dedication to stimulating breast milk production through adding a massage mechanism into a foam molded wireless bra. Although difficult to create in mass, we were up for the challenge.

We worked closely with their engineers to integrate the technology into the bra in a beautiful and functional way, addressing hurdles as they arise. We worked with our suppliers to innovate on the production side to implement process never seen in a bra factory before.

Nurture by Imalac is the world’s first wear-all-day nursing and hands-free pumping bra that massages while you pump – helping get more out of your pumping sessions. It’s a breast pump accessory that makes a pump work better by providing gentle, hands-free massage, reducing pump time & increasing milk output.