Ivivva by Lululemon


Our lead designer Natalie has served in a Director role for Ivivva from 2012-2017 and has helped carve out the kids and youth business for Lululemon. Natalie was responsible for the key decisions at Ivivva, anything from the product strategy including colour, concept and design of all apparel to accessories. Natalie inspired future leaders in her “design rallies” and helped grow the brand from 8 stores to 80, a +263% increase in revenue. Client’s love the passion and the dedication she brings to every project and through every task!


A part of the Ivivva core collection centered about seamless concepts, which were perfected under Natalie’s reign as Director from 2012-2017. Bringing her expertise on seamless to Apparelmark, Natalie can offer bottomless knowledge on seamless construction and best practices!


For the past 5 years many manufacturers and brands have tried to imitate the very same concepts developed under Natalie’s leadership at Ivivva including breathable, functional, and comfortable seamless products which are now a major hit on the market. Being front and center at the rise of seamless popularity, Natalie is able to offer expert opinion on youth apparel and seamless construction.


With few companies selling active training bras, Natalie saw opportunity to position Ivivva as the destination for bras for active girls. Offering more variety, and promoting bras in an athletic way, they soon became a staple for Ivivva with 527% growth.