Manduka Fall 2020

For this project our team set out to create a sophisticated yet versatile yoga collection that captured the essence of Fall without compromising on the comforts of being cool!

Specific focus was paid to sourcing sophisticated fabrics, researching timeless designs, imagining creative prints and fusing a customer driven line plan for the Manduka Fall 2020 collection.

Manduka fall 2020
Embracing Fall Through Colour

As a part of their core offering Manduka asked our team to expand on their hard goods collection – re-imagining the colorways and print applications on their towels, and yoga mats to let our imaginations run free!

When working with brands, large or small our core values are deeply rooted in the message of our designs as much as they are in the image of the brand we collaborate with. We seek to work in unity and cohesion with a mission statement that reflects sustainability, transparency, fluency and ethical manufacturing that connects all our efforts to date.

Manduka Fall