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Utilizing the latest in breathability technology and technical fabric innovation our team has created this one of a kind versatile polo you can wear to your office and out on the golf course. The fabric used in this project is self-temperature regulating, allowing the user to stay cool in hot climates and generate heat in the colder environments.

Ozie Polo, designed by Apparelmark

Ozie Sport Polo

The Ozie Polio is designed to be stylish enough to wear to the office but versatile enough to wear to the gym, golf court, tennis court, or yoga studio.

Engineered Knitting

The fabric is created on a flat-bed knitting machine to create strategic mesh panels.

Ozie sport polo

Ozie Polo, designed by Apparelmark


This garment is tested for easy care. No wrinkling, curling collars or changing shape after washing.


Micro-pockets between the super light layers create a structure that keeps you comfortable.

Ozie Polo, designed by Apparelmark


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