Whether you have an existing design you want to improve, see something on the market you want to imitate, or have a brand new concept you want to explore, we are here to help! Our team of technical designers will work with you to go over the idea generation, concept creation, design drafting and implementation for any number of styles you need. We can accommodate anything from simple requests to imaginative complex pieces. So let your imagination guide you!


Critical to any apparel creation is specific attention to the type, hand feel, texture, composition and look of the material. This is why we at Apparelmark have a dedicated library of fabric headers available. This helps satisfy projects from every field of life. Anything such as knits, wovens, synthetics, organics and specialty fabrics are in our wheelhouse. We can also create one-of-a-kind, proprietary fabric blends should your brand idea demand it. So talk to us about how our fabric sourcing service can get ahead of the competition.


Our team will incorporate the design and selected materials into a detailed blueprint called a TECH PACK. In addition, we will create a digitized pattern from your piece, figure out the grading/size chart, build out a Bill of Materials, as well as contact a certified vendor to start prototyping. We also have dedicated sample and factory rooms on standby, so your style sampling can be executed when needed. We will work tirelessly with you to get your product looking and feeling just how you want it.

Production services


Once your style has been designed, developed and assessed to be “market ready” we will work with you to find a suitable production vendor for your bulk order. Our dedicated sourcing team will work with your expected pricing, minimum order quantity and lead time expectations to create a custom production package for you to get you matched with the best vendor for your run size, quality and price.


Three Months


3 Months


Three Months


Project Based Pricing

  • Fixed rate for duration of project
  • Clear deliverables
  • Custom payment terms
  • Includes Design, Fabric Sourcing, & Development

$6000+ USD

Retainer Based Pricing

  • Variable length work
  • Price rate specific to number of styles
  • Unrestricted access to brand goal focus
  • Experimentation & optimization support
  • Includes Design, Fabric Sourcing, & Development

$1000 USD/month

Production Management Pricing

  • Price rate specific to number of styles
  • Find credible vendor for bulk production
  • Review of price points, moqs, lead times
  • P.O. creation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Communication with Factory
  • Review Delivery Logistics & Duties & Customs
  • Hand tags, packaging, & artwork review
  • Production Placement & Management

$700 USD/month

Product Updates

  • Lookbook creation
  • Trend Direction & Research
  • Design Creation or Updates
  • Techpack Creation or Updates
  • Fabric Sourcing
  • Development Support
  • Production Placement

$1500+ USD