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Our team’s expertise have helped over 100 brands get started in the industry since 2015. We focus on moving the needle and getting results across a variety of fashion markets.

If you want a one-stop solution for your next apparel, accessories or footwear line, your search is over.

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  • Trend Forecasting
  • Design Leadership
  • Colour Palettes
  • Hand Sketches
  • Technical Flats

Design &

  • Development
  • Material Sourcing
  • Fittings
  • Manufacturing Sourcing
  • Brand Labels


  • Grading
  • Size Runs
  • Colour Lab Dips
  • Quality Control
  • Logistics

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Our Expertise

Design Direction
& Brand Ethos

Expert Material

Full Service
Development Support

Design Direction
& Brand Ethos

Design and branding
At the core of our service offering resides our creative design and trends package which gives our customers full ownership of custom tailored designs supported by trends and innovation research from our team.

Expert Material

Apparel sourcing services
Purposely sourced materials are an essence of beautifully built product, from custom dye lot colors, to proprietary fabric blends to verifiable material properties our team will take your material sourcing to the next level.

Full Service
Development Support

Full service apparel development support
Vendor sourcing, fit expertise, technical spec packages, sizing issues and production coordination are all a part of our fully inclusive service offerings that our customers expect.

The Dream Team

Lead fashion designer Cara Sumpton, former designer for Lululemon
Cara Sumpton
Lead Creative &
Apparel branding, development and production manager, Andrew Drigola
Andrew Drigola
Business Director
& Co-Founder
Fashion design director, Clarissa Gallaccio
Clarissa Gallacio
Design Director
Senior freelance fashion designer, Natalia Pavanelli
Natalia Pavanelli
Senior Designer

Our Clients

These are just some of our current and past clients that have benefited from our involvement.
Lululemon logo, a past client of Apparelmark
Apparelmark client Oak + Fort
Client Public Rec
Client Aritizia
Apparelmark client ARC'TERYX
Client of Apparelmark, FIGS
Outdoor Voices, an Apparelmark client
Client logo Manduka
Hikerkind logo

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Join Our
Insiders List

We respect your privacy. We'll keep your info confidential and won't share it with anyone.