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The Apparelmark dream team consisting of pro freelance fashion designers

Freelance fashion designers

Our greatest asset at Apparelmark is our talented crew of freelance fashion designers, developers and production management professionals. Each member has been carefully selected in order to cultivate the most talented and skilled fashion design team on the West Coast.

You aren’t just hiring an individual person when you hire Apparelmark. You invest in a dedicated team of experts who become fully immersed in your product. A team who will evolve your brand offerings with new ideas, proposals and updates. A team who specializes in working with independent brands around the world, and strives to deliver a truly customized experience.

Cara Sumpton Apparelmak

Cara Sumpton

Lead Creative & Co-Founder

Cara brings 15+ years of industry experience to the table with a strong focus on brand growth and development. Her involvement in the startup days of Lululemon and her coveted Masters Degree in Sustainable Fashion have allowed Cara to pursue her dream of bringing emerging fashion brands to the open market and guiding them along to proven avenues of success.Questionnaire

Andrew Apparelmark

Andrew Drigola

Business Director & Co-Founder

Andrew has 10+ years of experience in the business development, operations, logistics and customer acquisition field to go along with his entrepreneurial spirit. He is your main point of contact for production numbers, economics, price quotes and everything related to playing the numbers game in the world of apparel.

Clarissa Apparelmark

Clarissa Gallaccio

Design Director

Clarissa has an incredible understanding of the intricate process that successful fashion brands follow, and she is a gifted student in the school of brand management. Her ability to seamlessly navigate complex tasks, create easy to follow narratives and identify issues in the supply chain makes her an invaluable member of our Apparelmark team. Her poise, cool, calm and collective nature allows her to thrive under pressure and help ensure all projects are being looked after with utmost attention.

Natalia Apparelmark

Natalia Pavanelli

Senior Designer

Natalia is a seasoned pro of the industry having 10 years of experience in both design, material sourcing and product development across a range of fashion market segments. As resourceful as she is collaborative Natalia shines in team environments when her skills in creative design, innovative ideas and immaculate sourcing give our clients a huge boost in confidence across the board. As a bonus her experience working with complicated kids and toddler apparel sizing makes her a unique asset to the team and to our associated brands.

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